Sample Itinerary - Charter on Request.
Whole Boat Charter or expression of interest accepted.
Coral Sea Shark Diving.

(from 20 to 24 dives) Please note catching and tagging sharks may replace a few dives on this week long expedition.

THURSDAY: Check In & Departure

  • Cruise overnight to the magnificent Ribbon Reefs, the first stop on your 700km journey

FRIDAY: Ribbon Reefs (Pixie Garden or Challenger Bay or Lighthouse Bommie & Cod Hole)

  • Buddy up and dive at the world famous sites on Ribbon Reef #10
  • Enjoy close encounters with giant potato cod, maori wrasse and moray eels
  • Explore spectacular coral gardens and swim with reef sharks, spotted rays & turtles
  • At night, join in the search for decorator crabs, nudibranchs, cowry shells, eels, crayfish and much more

SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY: Coral Sea – Osprey Reef

  • Experience the adventure at Osprey Reef.
  • 1000m vertical walls and 40m visibility – welcome to the big blue!
  • Explore caves, overhangs and spectacular drop-offs adorned with massive soft corals and
    gorgonian fans
  • At North Horn swim amongst the ‘big guys’, including schools of tuna, barracuda, white tips,
    grey and silver tip whalers, leopard sharks and hammerheads.
    At night be mesmerized by enigmatic flashlight fish and feeding basket stars
  • Witness the discovery first-hand, as researchers attract and tag reef sharks and retrieve data from terminals located around the reef.

TUESDAY: Osprey (Shark reef) as above or Ribbon Reefs (Pixie Pinnacle, Lighthouse, Clam beds).

  • Circumnavigate Pixie Pinnacle and Lighthouse bommie shrouded in colourful fusiliers
  • Discover a myriad of creatures amongst the reef fissures – splendid nudibranchs, octopus,
    clams, crayfish, lion fish, etc.
  • Enjoy a kaleidoscope of colours but keep a lookout for bigger game……majestic minke whales are seen here in June and July.

WEDNESDAY: Ribbon Reef #3 (Steve’s Bommie. Flare Point etc)

  • Spiral coral pinnacles teeming with marine life
  • Watch shoals of bait fish being stalked by marauding barracuda, mackerel and trevally
  • Anticipate magnificent coral gardens, spotted rays, stone fish, sharks and turtles
  • Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the elusive leafy scorpion fish and flame file shell!


  • Early morning docking at Trinity Wharf- Cairns. Breakfast at 8:00am and courtesy transfers to Cairns city hotels.

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