John Rumney and the team at Eye to Eye believe strongly the following philosophy:

'In the end, we will protect only what we love.
We will love only what we understand.
We will understand only what we are taught.'
- Baba Dioum

To this end we strive to teach, share and inspire others to foster a deep understanding and appreciation for the marine world.

Some examples of this are:

  • American Universities International Program (AUIP) directors running 4-day university accredited courses on reef ecology/management for 150 students each year

  • Hosting local reef information nights put on in collaboration with the Low Isles Preservation Society.

  • Working with a number of world-class filmmakers to educate and inspire audiences around the world about the marine world (including the BBC, Discovery Channel, IMAX, Animal Planet, Channel 7, Channel 9, ABC Galatee and more)

  • During Swim with Minke Whale trips guests are strongly encouraged to participate in the Minke Whale Project research. Their contributions to photo ID studies and whale behaviour observations have been invaluable to the project over the past 17 years.

  • While on board guests are encouraged to interact with scientists/crew via interpretive power point lectures as well as informal discussions. During this time they also learn about local environmental and cultural challenges facing our region.

  • Provide free berth spaces/accommodation to Our World Underwater scholars (OWUSS) and Reef Check Australia representatives

  • Collaborating with a number of Australian Universities (namely James Cook University and University of Queensland) to facilitate marine studies for undergraduates, post-graduate and professionals

  • Trainer and founding member of the Indigenous Ranger Training Program

  • Mentor numerous students and crew many of whom have undertaken further studies including Masters and Phd’s.

  • John Rumney was a key speaker at the 2011 WhaleFest (UK) industry workshop introducing the Code of Practice and teaching operators how to create their own sustainable and ethical whale watching businesses. In addition, we have been involved in the consultation and development of Best Practice guidelines for turtle and shark watching on the GBR.


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