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In 2024 Eye to Eye Marine Encounters is offering 2 exclusive 7-day/6-night Minke Whale expeditions during the peak of the season:


TRIP A:   23rd - 29th June 2024 (6 nights)

      TRIP B:   29th June - 5th July 2024 (6 nights)




Includes a scenic low-altitude flight between LIzard Island and Cairns

 Price also includes GST along with all meals/snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, linen, towels, toiletries etc.
Snorkel sets included. Wetsuit, dive gear hire and marine park charge (EMC) not included.


 As the longest-running Swim with Whale operator (formerly as Undersea Explorer and for the last 15 years as Eye to Eye Marine Encounters), we have spent hundreds of hours facilitating interactions with these incredible animals and our family-run team loves nothing more than sharing our passion, knowledge and experiences with others.

 As always, our itinerary will include snorkelling and SCUBA diving at some of the best sites on the Great Barrier Reef - the Ribbons, while prioritizing in-water encounters with our favourite little whales, the dwarf minkes! 

But you don't have to be a SCUBA diver to enjoy this trip - in fact, the majority of our in-water minke whale encounters are done with snorkel. So even if you have never snorkelled before, or regardless of your diving qualification, this trip is for everyone!

After last year's epic trip, we will once again be staying aboard MV Argo - a 27m motor yacht able to spaciously accommodate 14 passengers. A large and comfortable saloon area allows guests to spread out and have their own space when not enjoying the outdoors. The aft deck space is well-appointed for a BBQ lunch or dinner, and the duckboard provides plenty of space for preparation before your next snorkel or dive. And of course, there are plenty of viewing areas to spot whales and watch all the action.

Dr Dean Miller will be leading the expedition on his 24th consecutive year with the minkes. Having worked with the legendary JR and Dr Alastair Birtles for most of these years, as well as providing research and footage to the Dwarf Minke Whale Project. Filming these curious little whales for the likes of Sir David Attenborough, Dean has an incredible understanding of these animals and how to get the most out of our unique in-water encounters.   

Jenna Rumney Bsc (Hons) literally grew up alongside the whales, having been on countless expeditions since the age of 12. She brings a passion and knowledge of all things marine, along with experience in providing personalised service and logistical support for extended reef adventures from many years of working in the family business.

To get a better idea of what our minke whale expeditions look like, please check out this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahlj8cPX-J4

To see Dean behind the scenes working on the Sir David Attenborough Great Barrier Reef series filming the minke please click here:  https://vimeo.com/user6651123


DAY 1 - Trip Begins
Enjoy an evening meal, meet the other guests and receive a briefing at the iconic Pier Bar Cairns.  At 7pm you will board your beautiful home for the next 6 nights "Argo" and steam overnight to our destination
DAY 2-5, Great Barrier Reef
Wake up to the Ribbon Reefs stretching out before you. Guide Dr Dean Miller will provide an in-depth briefing on minke whale guidelines followed by your first snorkel/dive. Afterwards, travel to your next reef site, searching for whales whilst underway. If whales are eager to interact, don your wetsuit and enter the water, ready for the experience of a lifetime. Watch as their confidence and curiosity
grow, bringing them eye to eye. If no whales are found, continue your adventure by exploring beautiful coral gardens and pinnacles. In the evenings, Dean will give an interpretive talk or video screening on the Minke Whale Project as well as other marine topics.
Having a flexible itinerary will allow us to maximise time spent with whales while also experiencing some of the Great Barrier Reef's best dive sites including the world-famous Cod Hole, Pixie’s Pinnacle, Steve’s Bommie and Temple of Doom.
DAY 6 – Lizard Island
After enjoying your last dive/snorkel of the trip, head to a beautiful and calm anchorage at Lizard Island. If weather permits spend the remainder of the day exploring the island with the possibility of a hike up to historic Cook’s Look, which reveals breath-taking views of the Reef.
DAY 7 – Trip Ends
After a light breakfast, your crew will transfer you to Lizard Island where a scenic low-altitude flight will take you back to Cairns touching down around midday.
*Please note that our itineraries are flexible and adaptable so that we can create the best experience possible for our guests based on factors such as animal sightings and weather conditions  


Code of Practice for dwarf minke whale interactions

Eye to Eye also offers private swim-with Minke whale charters across a range of vessels.

Why choose us?

The Marine Encounters team - researchers and crew - have been running swim with minke whale trips for 25 years and pioneered the swim with whale experience in Queensland. They were also instrumental in the development of guidelines that ensures all encounters are carried out on the whales’ terms and have now been adopted by industry as World’s Best Practice.

We believe in connecting people with nature in a profound and meaningful way. Our aim is to create the best minke experience along with excellent reef snorkelling and diving.

What make Eye to Eye Marine Encounters unique?

  • Minkes are our priority. We maintain a flexible itinerary in order to maximise the time and quality of whale encounters.

  • Dive sites are selected based on weather conditions and seasonal marine attractions, not on a predetermined timeframe

  • Researcher presence. Our scientists actively conduct field work while on board and appreciate and encourage guest involvement (i.e. by contributing photographs and behavioural observations to the Minke Whale Project)

  • Our dedicated and highly skilled crew has worked with us for years and shares our passion, values and thirst for adventure and fun.

  • We believe in the exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge as a means of enriching the marine experience.

We want to give YOU the best wildlife experience possible in the hope that it will inspire you to protect our marine treasures. Our ethos and reputation has made us the first point of call for documentary film crews, universities and marine institutes around the world. We have been fortunate enough to introduce the beautiful minke whales to IMAX, Galatee (Oceans), National Geographic and the BBC and wish to continue sharing one of world’s most incredible wildlife experiences with others.


Eye to Eye Marine Encounters is still available for private, whole boat Minke whale charters on a variety of vessels.

Please contact us for more details including prices, dates and your custom itinerary.

For private yachts, Eye to Eye offers the highest level of Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea guides including the Swim with Minke Whale experience.

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.







Eye to Eye also offers private swim-with Minke whale charters across a range of vessels.

Please contact us at : jenna.rumney@marineencounters.com.au


For more information of our scheduled itineraries :contact Eye to Eye Marine Encounters:

 on 61 (0) 7 4098 5417  or   email : jenna.rumney@marineencounters.com.au



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